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Citrus Lover By CitrusMyLife Completed

Sequel to "Senpai~"


Everyone's memories have been erased but not completely erased. Mostly memories about the angels and demons have been erased but not their past except for one person...Matsuri. Matsuri is punished by God and ended up having all her memories erased...even the ones she loved. But each night was torture since all she could ever remember was her sadness and loneliness. After the nightmares she couldn't concentrate or do anything. Those memories kept repeating and repeating. One day she ends up meeting the Taniguchi sisters. A woman who'll inherit the Taniguchi company, Mitsuko, and her future boss Harumin. First day didn't went so well for Matsuri since she hated Harumin from the first day they saw each other but what if destiny planned to set them up together again? Will this even work out for the two? Will they even have a relationship? And... what is Harumin hiding?
"Desire controls takes over you...nothing will stop you until you get what you desire. But...why did it have to be you?" Harumin mumbled as she at an image of the young pink haired brat
"I hate her so much...I must hate her. Nitski said not to trust the Taniguchis and I won't trust them at all...especially that Harumi girl" Matsuri said and covered herself with a blanket in bed. She clenched her chest tightly and growled
"But...why does my heart keep beating for her...?" Matsuri asked in a whisper voice

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