The Parent Plan » Harry Styles

The Parent Plan » Harry Styles

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Two five year olds, two single parents - one plan.

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woahmarz woahmarz Aug 23
Tbh I thought that she might have been shot by some criminal but as always, car accident. I like the story so far though
Gotta zayn before all the emotions hit me like a wrecking ball
She is like 5 years old and she knows about present tense?😢
                              I want a child that's that can hand that bundle of smartness over anytime, Harry! I won't judge (oh and you're HIGHLY welcome to stay too *winks* *faints from the idea*)
This is one of my faves! I went to a Jason Marz consent last year and it was so cool
Like a ghost that follows certain person time at the time :)
dreamer323 dreamer323 Oct 12, 2015
so it's third person
                              third person omniscient is difficult.