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Saving the Millionaire

Saving the Millionaire

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storyreader19920 By storyreader19920 Completed

Logan is every women's fantasy. Only 26 years old and a millionaire you would of never knew he had 2 kids. Twins to be exact a boy and girl. 

His children had just turned 11 just a month ago, and he couldn't be prouder. Raising children as a single dad could be very hard but he never gave up, he always wanted the best for his kids and hopefully his kids will also do the same to his grand kids. 

But now meet Christina Evertin, the most popular baker in town. Her bakery Baked Love has been a hit every since the town mayor made a great review on her bakery and ever since then she's been living her dream. 

But ever since a few days ago she's been feeling empty, or what her best friends says, Lonely. 

But one day when Logan was spending quality time with his children, his daughter Miranda took sight of cupcakes when passing by the bakery. 

After a few minutes of begging Logan gave in to his daughters's puppy eyes. Entering the bakery Logan took sight of Christina's Crystal blue eyes and instantly he started to have emotions that he haven't felt in years and that scared him. 

But fate had other plans, especially Euros. Yes Euros, the love god. He's been watching these two for a while and he thinks its about time they star their journey together as one, as a family. 

Or is he wrong when he sees all the future drama/ bumps that will try to keep them apart?

She probably said that so people will read it but oh well i am
AsiaWalton AsiaWalton May 15, 2016
Telling me not to read this book makes me want to read it even more❤❤
someone00 someone00 Feb 10
Lol nice everyone I feel the same way tell me don't and I have too. Everyone has a start and a end no matter how bad there is still a story. And grammar was never my thing anyways lol ...
jessienepth jessienepth Nov 29, 2015
I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life...
                              Would never choose me, cuz I'm too thuggy.
caramelfudgecoco caramelfudgecoco Nov 28, 2015
I read the info and if he is 26 years old and his children are 11 he had them at age 15. WTF?
werewolflover395 werewolflover395 Jun 22, 2015
I don't give a rats ass if the grammar is bad this book seems good and I'm sure I'll love it so I'm reading it