Orcaboi Reviews.

Orcaboi Reviews.

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Orcaboi By Orca_boi Updated Dec 11, 2018

Hi everyone this will be my review book where i review stuff like movies and games. (mostly movies though). I will also take  suggestion's on what to watch and review. and also 


This is entirely my opinion and the movie might be good or terrible to me but the opposite for you. so take my reviews with a pinch of salt. and i hope i can make you laugh. :) I will start with movies i have already seen and write newly seen movies when ever i can. 


Thank you

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Scar1103 Scar1103 Dec 14, 2018
I really like this, I love how you didn't just criticize the movie, you have both sides.  Also, whoever made this movie is not okay, they need to stop it, and get some help.
skullgoblin skullgoblin Dec 12, 2018
A good first starter for your review series I have to say. Other then some misspellings, weird sentence structures and random capitalations and forgetting to put in commas, this shows much promise from you being and analyst. Well done.
GameGirlae GameGirlae Dec 11, 2018
This is a  great review. I think you explained everything very well. I also love the the creativity you added, like the, “WHAT THE FU...” 🙂