Last Chapter Rewrite

Last Chapter Rewrite

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T. Kent By tkentwp Updated Sep 08, 2014

Scarlet is an aspiring writer who knows from experience that HEA is a BFL (big fat lie). Her goal is to become a published author, writing REAL stories with REAL endings. She'll debunk the HEA myth that's been spread by authors everywhere.

But first she needs to make it through her last semester of college. Which sounds simple except her new writing professor is not too keen on her writing; her best friend, Jackson, is acting weird; and the guy who destroyed her heart in high school is back (and won't take no for answer).

When her virtual critique partner, neotheo451, starts challenging her views on life, love, and that ever elusive happy ending, Scarlet finds herself falling. Fast. 

But neotheo451 may be hiding something. Will his secret bring Scarlet's world crashing down, proving once again, that there is no such thing as HEA. At least not for her.

Or will Scarlet's last chapter finally be rewritten?
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Wickedforester Wickedforester Dec 05, 2014
Interesting.Gonna go and read more of it now. Love the way you write.You don't beat around the bush, which I like. Also you give it to us straight while filtering out useless information. Good job :)
tkentwp tkentwp Sep 17, 2014
If Scarlet had a theme song, it would be Beggin for Thread by Banks :)
Nandi_taylor Nandi_taylor Sep 15, 2014
Oh, great hook! I love the voice, and even though there are one, two sentences max about her parents I feel like I get them. Her father is a jerk, her mother a jaded alcoholic. Got it. Great work!
tkentwp tkentwp Sep 11, 2014
Thanks to everyone for your continued support and encouragement! I thank you, Scarlet thanks you, and the rest of the cast and crew of Last Chapter Rewrite thank you :)
Smilegemini Smilegemini Jul 05, 2014
Its so realistic. The characters are realistic. Not those teenagers who are too mature or overly smart. Just like your average everyday human beings.
Smilegemini Smilegemini Jul 05, 2014
I love the summary. It draws me in, and doesn't sound boring. The preface gives background on the character's life. Me likey!