Phantom Tap

Phantom Tap

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At Phantom Tap, there seems to be a bartender who was handcrafted by God to serve the world drinks. Nestled in the heart of the city, he hosts a variety of clientele, and more than just from rich to poor: The bartender has a gift -- or others say a curse -- in that he can see those walking in the afterlife. In fact, they say that Phantom Tap could not have been built anywhere else, otherwise spirits would not be able to find their way to it. A beacon to the dead and the drunk, a place to drown your sorrows and feel alive again. 

Skeptics will tell you that the legend of Phantom Tap is nothing but lore of the community, a great marketing campaign to get people to come inside and check it out. Locals will tell you otherwise though; once you meet Revelin Guerra, there's no denying that there are customers at Phantom Tap that only he can see. 

Revelin's renowned not only for his miraculous eyes, but for his ability to get to know every single person who walks into his bar. Phantom Tap has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, and is now a vault of information. But it's only when Ethan Maybourne walks into his bar does Revelin realize just how dangerous having all that information really is.

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