How To Train A Princess (Mericcup)

How To Train A Princess (Mericcup)

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Skye Lee White By UnderDarkness Completed

Whats harder than training a dragon that would be training a princess. Expecially A Scottish Princess.

When Merida has to become queen her mother decides to pick her own suiter. What happens then well things get a little complicated. Merida finds her self being forced into marriage all over again. Can Merida find away to convince her mother to call it off or will she have no other choice but to follow throw?

But how can she if she is already in love? What if she is in love none other than the Viking Dragon Trainer?

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thatweirdbookreader thatweirdbookreader Sep 11, 2017
*Hiccup dramatically throws open the doors*
                              DID SOMEONE SAY DRAGONS?
ravenclawedd ravenclawedd Sep 15, 2016
Meh. I get grounded if i break the rules and i get a punishment if i shout to my mum like that!! 😂😂😂😂😂 This is why i like merida: She is brave
your_local_bookworm your_local_bookworm Sep 30, 2016
Hiccup: *pokes head through the door* Someone call me?? Is it ny cue now? 
                              Merida: No, get back. There's still a few more things left. Go, bye! 
                              Hiccup: ....*flips hair* well, then.
olala9911 olala9911 Jan 19, 2017
True that and she might need to get you some ice because you just got burned Elinor
Kveykvagarm Kveykvagarm Jul 26, 2016
Eclipse_Rose Eclipse_Rose Aug 21, 2016
Someone quick play Let it go and have Elsa walk in saying her heart reneging line you can't marry a man you just met.