My Prince of Darkness

My Prince of Darkness

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Syra By rubberband360 Updated Oct 23, 2011

I'm tired of this.

I'm tired of everything. Tired of people treating me however they want, tired of always being so empty, tired of being mute. 

I want to be happy. I want someone to love me. Why is that so impossible?

Teenowl Teenowl May 23, 2014
Aww. This is a interesting story so far. Keep up the good work.
rubberband360 rubberband360 Jun 25, 2011
@DarkBlueXD haha(: yeahh i do. She thought she came too late tho.
DarkBlueXD DarkBlueXD Jun 24, 2011
I like it! You do know that people who overdose can still live if you call 911
XxcrypticXcodexX XxcrypticXcodexX Mar 28, 2011
 I like Alice. She seems really nice.
                              Aside from the occasional grammatical errors (your subject-verb agreement and verb tenses) and misspelled words (it's chapped lips, not chopped. Too much cutting. Haha!), I think you're story's pretty good! =)
XxcrypticXcodexX XxcrypticXcodexX Mar 28, 2011
I'm with Britta. You've got an interesting intro.
                              Bears improvement, but you're good. =)
CassandraCruz CassandraCruz Mar 20, 2011
this is creepy. like i said, i think your my twin. theres this guy i like and his names Elmmanuel and we call him Elmo....o.O but im so very interested. :)