Fatty bets on the hottie

Fatty bets on the hottie

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slimshady_rockx By slimshady_rockx Updated Feb 26

"I bet you , I can get any guy in this school to fall in love with me." I looked straight into her eyes maintaining my rigid and confident posture.

"Really sweetie." Sarcasm was dripping in her every word. "Who are you kidding?" She chuckled before continuing. "With that fat suit of yours, no boy will look at you let alone be your boyfriend. But if you think so then it is a bet. If you win, I will leave you alone forever but if you loose ..." She let the threat linger in the silence before continuing "Let's just say your life will be worse than it already is .In fact I will turn it into your own living hell." Her smile sent shivers down my spine.


Paige herself knew that this bet was a lost cause for no boy in the whole school was interested in her but Heather's last comment was too much for her to accept. This time she crossed the limit. It was their only secret that she had let out so easily and painfully. 

This time it was an actual do or die situation for Paige.

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GuriaSusmita GuriaSusmita Oct 16, 2016
First chapter and Im already in. Its not a usual fat girl bad boy story where the fat girl is shy  naive and doesnt know how to talk and stand up for herself. Nice I really liked it
lolzz_fuzzy lolzz_fuzzy Mar 29, 2016
I agree with @miasen I like how the girl  didn't get scared and back down
mixedraces2002 mixedraces2002 Apr 17, 2016
god this is a really good book. the 1st chapter had my attention 
abijojo700 abijojo700 Dec 21, 2016
Very well written indeed....I was reluctant to read it because it's description and cover aren't eye catching....but I was pleasantly surprised 😁😁
- - Mar 16, 2016
It was good, the girl did not start whimpering and sobbing when he called her fat, she made him run... It was awesome..