War Prize

War Prize

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In a galaxy filled with endless turmoil, a child is sent out into the world to grow up and save the galaxy from destroying itself..... 

    Years later a young woman, Katrina, has lived a long life of slavery. Sold from one planet to the next until her slave holder is through losing money because of her. So when she develops abilities that have long since been forgotten the slave owner is overjoyed for his own selfish reasons. He makes her his own personal slave to control her. 

    When the slave ship is taken over by Prince James Solon. The only life she has ever known is turned to ashes. She is a prize found within the wreckage of war, and this mysterious prince want her to participate in a series of trials, that may just kill her. 

    Surround by other woman, that wish her dead, and an arrogant Prince, who believes that she is nothing more than pawn to be pushed around a game board, Katrina is stuck on a planet of lies and deceit. And she has more than her life at stake. Her heart is also on the line.