Malec - One Shots.

Malec - One Shots.

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littleoneshots By littleoneshots Updated Jun 04, 2015


This will be a series of discontinued single stories, about Magnus and Alec from The Mortal Instruments. All rights for the characters belong to Cassandra Claire - the original creator of the story line. I hope you all enjoy seeing this ship flourish and fall within my interpretations! Enjoy.

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Jewel221 Jewel221 Nov 01
Bruh this is not how people become vampires, they have to drink vampire blood. And then be killed. And then be buried. And then be fed more blood. And the process can be reversed by chugging holy water after drinking the vampire blood in the first place.
skye393 skye393 Oct 29
To become a vamp you have to drink vampire blood and then they drain you and then they buried you. You get turned by just a bite. Only with werewolfs
Thats actually wrong, Alec was jist as good at Jace and Isabelle, and even better at Jace at hand to hand combat. But was better with bow and arrows rather than a seraph blade.
irwinperson irwinperson Apr 12
I fell down stairs this morning with my 30 pound school bag and it hurt
Wait...*squints suspiciously* how do you plan to make him FEEL BETTER????
                              I don't trust you Magnus.
                              With you around, I should've known since book 1 that Alec wouldn't stay a virgin for long...
Omg this is twisting my emotions! Alec + magnus  can be together forever but once Jace dies, being Alec's parabatai and all, Alec will lose a piece of him (metaphorically speaking)!