A Beginner's Guide To Suicide

A Beginner's Guide To Suicide

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Come one, come all, I swear you'll fit in. Because here? Here, we're all fuck-ups.

[Humor #217 // Teen Fiction #339]

// this is the spin-off of Midnight. you do not have to read Midnight to know what is happening, but there will be some cameos of the characters, and if you plan on reading Midnight, this might spoil a few things for you. so, if you don't like that, go ahead and read Midnight first, though i must tell you: this novel is much more well-written than Midnight, which is quite shit, tbh. so, you've been warned, don't say i didn't tell you. //

i'm so sorry to be the partypooper here but the author of It's Kind Of A Funny Story committed suicide around 4 years ago
Mado2110 Mado2110 Apr 15
Everyone is like really creative with their turn of "I'm a real live insult to" and I can't find none, which proves that I am a real live insult to all living beings
e-m-n- e-m-n- Apr 16, 2016
U know, I'd read the book but I'm already an expert on suicide 😜😝 jk, it's just that the book name intrigued me like oh this is a beginners guide, meaning there has to be an advanced guide for people have perfected suiciding in the basic ways
-misanthropic -misanthropic Sep 07, 2016
Yep... There's really no sadness or depressive tones behind it.
                              It's just a fact I came to realise.
                              I will kill myself.
krystxn krystxn Mar 01
girl don't do it, he's got a small penis for the rest of his life you're set