Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop

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Nik By Nikosaur Completed
We all dream of finding the one person who loves the same things we do. What will Christian do when he finds a girl with the same interests?
I really like it since this is based on true experience. Not a lot of people show their real colors to a stranger.
It is good;written well. There is only one thing puzzling to me:is it supposed to be a poem or a story in poetic stanzas?
Unique and sweet makes us think of all the times we could meet someone special very nice
I haven't read any like this before.....I loved it! its original,creative and I enjoyed it thoroughly:) nicely done
Lol... thats so cool that its a true story!! KInda like them better then fiction sometimes! This was good i like the vocab and adjictives u used..
I love the story that this tells! I do think that you should seperate your stanzans a bit more, but that's really just a technical thing. The concept was pretty unique, and I wasn't expecting the ending, which is always nice. :D