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'Promiscuous - pruh-mis-kyoo-uh-s
- adjective characterised or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations(...)' one thing Laurali Hudson (a third year university student, who was raised by honest, Christian parents and had the most perfect boyfriend a girl could ask for) never imagined she'd be when she first set foot into the small, intimate concert venue of her best friend's favourite band. 

Join Laurie as she accidentally gets involved with a super shady organisation, discovers that love isn't always what it's cracked out to be and maybe, just maybe, ends up creating her own unforgettable love story.

"Normality became a distant serenity and their future everlasting..."

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Why does everything has to be done in an agressive way? Couldn't Harry just be more delicate with things?
She remembered/sayed a lot. I would have said so many less being frightened.
He was just banged in the head and walks out like he had just take a nap?
neeedsmoresleep neeedsmoresleep 4 days ago
isn’t the tube station on oxford street called oxford circus? not trying to be rude, just thought it was :-))
This didn't go where I expected it to. But I think I kinda love it. 
                              It's rare that an author can surprise me and you have so I applaud you on that and I'm so excited to keep reading.
Ominous123 Ominous123 Aug 21
First story I've read with the character having my name ayyeeee