Her List of Kisses

Her List of Kisses

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When she was thirteen, Chloe Golding wrote a list. On this list was every type of kiss she hoped to experience in her teenage years. They ranged from an innocent peck on the back of the hand, to passionate make-out sessions and kisses on the private parts.

Four years passed. Aged seventeen, Chloe has yet to cross of any one point on the list.  

But maybe that’s all about to change.  

Her mother’s new student, the charismatic Will Falcon, gets his hands on her diary. Taking an interest in Chloe, he makes it his mission to kiss her in every way she listed.   

And when runaways, parties, and big fat secrets become a way of life, something as crazy as the kiss list could bring them closer, or bring everything crashing down.

Hello35atursevuce Hello35atursevuce Oct 12, 2016
Basically me every time I have to leave my food to do something....
- - Apr 24, 2016
Why do people say "I like you already" when the author puts that? Like is it supposed to attract friendship??
ThatOneNextDoor ThatOneNextDoor Jul 09, 2016
I've already been to hell. Every fricking day. Anyone else know what im talking about??!!😦
Rarasuperstarr Rarasuperstarr 4 days ago
Nah I'm good. Don't need to be catching feelings for anybody..... Yet