My Boys

My Boys

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Asha has always been a guy's girl, well a guy's girl in the sense that all of her friends are guys. 

But can boys and girls ever be JUST FRIENDS?

Asha is about to test the theory as her senior year approaches and her "boys" become a lot less dorky and a lot more interested in her in particular. Can Asha keep her group of friends intact while trying not to hurt some feelings, or will various truths threaten to break their group apart?

Hot_Olaf21 Hot_Olaf21 Mar 05
This had me thinkin of Suicide Squad, who else is juiced for that
-yuichiro -yuichiro Apr 05
everyone is saying cat woman is life ?¿
                              No, Harley Quinn is ._.
well that sounds like a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen
kibley kibley Jul 16
Everyone's talking about how if she were gay she shouldn't have been almost kicked off and I agree but no one has said anything about her mother disowning her.
FloralandBedless FloralandBedless Sep 20, 2015
That's no reason to get kicked off the cheer squad. Her school is horrible
Miss_Absinthe Miss_Absinthe Sep 11, 2015
Wow, so if I was in your place, I would've gotten kicked off the team? I'm bi, not a lesbian but still