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˗ˏˋ gii ˎˊ˗ By kateskane Completed

❝ where a girl meets a boy in an elevator they are stuck in for twelve hours ❞

2014 © kateskane 


prodigal_legend prodigal_legend Dec 27, 2016
yeah of course i dont own him i mean im not a yandere 
                              of course hes not in my basement i mean what
Melisa_Q Melisa_Q Aug 23, 2016
I would be scared as FÙCK first of all I'm claustrophobic AND I have a fear of elevators
m1nDl3ssfanatic m1nDl3ssfanatic Oct 07, 2016
I'd die from 
                              1. Being in the presence of Evan Peters
                              2. Being stuck in an elevator for 12 hours
-voidchxn -voidchxn Sep 21, 2016
Me: I obviously don't own him...
                              Evan: *muffled cries for help* mmmmpph
                              Me:'s OK...
tatelangod tatelangod Jan 04
lol course u don't own evan didn't you know we're dating duhhhh it's everywhere
Personality_Crisis24 Personality_Crisis24 Aug 20, 2016
Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
                              Me: Evan Peters
                              Santa: *takes off glasses* *wipes tears*
                              Santa: me too