May Day Eve: The Devil's Kiss • NaLu •

May Day Eve: The Devil's Kiss • NaLu •

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"Once I Kiss You, That Means You Are Mine..."

    On May Day Eve , You Can Know Whos Your Fated Partner When you Chanted A Certain Spell In Front Of An Ancient Mirror With The Candle As Your Light . But There Are Two Things That You Might See If You Did It , It May be Your Fated Partner Or The ... Devil Itself .

    Broken Hearted , Lucy went to Magnolia , a place from the Fiore which she can called Paradise . She went there to forget the pain and the person who caused it .

    Because of a Friends fault , she's forced to do the spell but instead of her fated Partner , She saw ... The DEVIL .

© To Hiro Mashima ...
Cover by: @momodrops

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When I saw devil I immediately thought of the devil is a part timer and so it was NATSU IN A MCDONALDS UNIFORM AND LUCY SAW THAT THROUGH THE MIRROR AND WTF IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN
StarkCave StarkCave Jul 20
It's Natsu though I mean I wouldn't be too butt hurt about it... 
                              Unless he tries to kill me then his asss is screwed
Aki2318 Aki2318 Nov 05
Pretty good but you capitalize in random places and need to work on your grammar. But otherwise the gist of it is pretty good.
wait but they're the same thing. The devil, A.K.A Natsu Dragneel is her fated partner so she saw both XD now thats a story to tell lol
VibrantCalamity VibrantCalamity Nov 27, 2016
So she saw the Devil but what if the devil is her fated partner 🤔
NashiRyuuzaki00 NashiRyuuzaki00 Jul 19, 2016
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK. OMG ITS SOOOOO KAWAII OF NATSU!! AND THE PART WHERE LUCY SAYS THE SPELL IS SOOOOOOOOOO SPOOKY!! IT GAVE ME THE CHILLS!! and the 1t time i read that part i room was also dark and a strom was going outside. i kinda got scared reading it gee hee!!!!!