Help! The Protagonist Wants To Eat Me!

Help! The Protagonist Wants To Eat Me!

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Peerless Cucumber By peerlesscucumber Updated May 09, 2019

"I transmigrated into my own novel?!"

Wang Yun Fan was a newbie author of 21st century China. Upon coming back from an award ceremony, his old friend Xu Yan Bing whom he had once made a crappy Stallion novel (Harem Novel) with contacted him out of nowhere.

'The Immortal Demon Path' A writing catastrophe and a character developer's nightmare, even to the point of making the author feel bad about the life of his characters; specifically the cannon fodder villain which had the same name as he. 

But in the middle of the conversation, a dark figure appeared in his room and scared him unconscious. When Wang Yun Fan opened his eyes, his modern world was quickly replaced by an ancient one. 

Can he fix the story's shitty plotline and undeveloped characters? Can he avoid death from the main protagonist and do it without being too OOC?

Let's find out~

P.s I'm bad at descriptions so please bear with me--and the story is meant to be fun, silly, and somewhat exhaggerated. Like a parody I suppose! Hope you all enjoy!

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