The Boy In My Dreams

The Boy In My Dreams

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FLynnLuCiti By FlynnLuCiti Updated Dec 25, 2018

The story about a girl,named Nathalie who was dreaming every night of a boy, that always protects her....then one day she met a boy in their school party ,in coincidence....the boy was also dreaming about a girl, but one night Nathalie's dreams slowly vanished and she didn't knew what happened.....      
      There are some people who will leave . There are some people who will sacrifice and lastly , there will be people who will fight ...even though they are suffering deep inside.

      I believe that " Life is not a movie that every story has a happy ending ".

Date started : December 8,2018
Date finished : -

  • love
  • mystery
  • sad
  • thriller

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