Bloodstained Love Bite

Bloodstained Love Bite

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Misguided By Misguided Completed

She was intelligent, obliging and downright gorgeous. Unfortunately, she was too shy and completely oblivious to notice the last past. 
Amy Butler has moved from New York to join her friend in Canada to work alongside a new professor for the start of her third year of college. It's only for six months but to her, it's too damn long especially if she has to handle the inhumanly handsome and mischievous John Harris, a football coach not willing to leave her alone. 

He saw her and wanted her from the first day he laid eyes on her. The more she tried her hardest to push him away, the closer he always came to getting what he wanted: those full lips between his. But as she learns more about his tragic and troublesome life she asks herself, will she be able to see past his one and only flaw and accept him into her life as what he is?

**Contains some sexual content **
***Second Novel in my Vampire Series**
                                         CAN BE READ SEPARATELY.

  • desire
  • fantasy
  • forgive
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  • jealous
  • lie
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papawasarollingstone papawasarollingstone Jun 26, 2016
I remember when Michael had chuckled because he had heard their conversation 😂
Crimson_Night667 Crimson_Night667 Dec 22, 2016
I'm curious are these published books because so far the series is absolutely amazing and I want to buy them?
By staying longer than six months, perhaps? Much longer....
                              Hey, I can dream.
Ahhh mannerisms. When I'm nervous, I twiddle my thumbs around
                              Oh! But even better, when I get a little sudden brust of excitement, ill quickly clap four times, and then cup my hands together. Confused the hell out of my math teacher the first time he saw it.
Well, at least he'll have an easy way to bring up thay he's a vampire???
MythOfAVampire MythOfAVampire Jun 04, 2016
-me as amy - slams laptop shut as soon as the mention HIS. name