New Orleans (Malec)

New Orleans (Malec)

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JustALonleySquish By JustALonleySquish Updated Apr 23

The Mortal Instruments
The Originals 

Sooooo I had this idea a while ago to do a crossover between TMI and The Originals cause I like them both a lot, and I gave it a try....(also I made the cover) .....

Basically Magnus convinces Alec to leave the kids in safe hands and go on vacation to New Orleans, which leads to an interesting turn of events. 

-I do not own the characters 
-did I mention gay? 
-plz do not read if you do not support the gay 
-the timelines in this story do not match up with that of TMI and The Originals bc i could not figure out how to do that and make it make sense so just imagine that the time lines line up lmao (this book starts two years after the last book of TMI and the first season of The Originals) 
-some things may not be the same as the books or the show. For example, Klaus doesn't compel Cami to forget about him. 
-oh yeah and gay  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯