Dance Class  (Clifford AU) // 2016 Cringe

Dance Class (Clifford AU) // 2016 Cringe

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"Mommy?" Paige questions. She looked at our daughter with a disgusted look. "What?" Paige shuffled uncomfortably and cleared her throat. "C-can I do ballet?" She stuttered. I mentally danced because she was so adorable. Yeah, I do that. 

"Why? It's just spending my money. What are you going to do with it?" She asked, putting the fish in the oven. Paige sighed and looked at me. "Why do you want to do ballet?" I asked her softly, putting her hair behind her ear. 

"Well," She started. "Because all the girls in my class go to the ballet school, next to Katie's house, you know? Anyways," She said, making me chuckle. "They always tease me because I don't do ballet. So I want to join. And plus, the teacher is really nice." She said, smiling.

"Hm..." I said playfully. "Please?" She put her hands together in a praying way, and did puppy dog eyes. Now come on, I couldn't say no to that. 

"Of course you can." I said, making her jump around in her spot. 

Never did I think that this one event would change my whole world.

(i wrote this in 2016. read for a good cringe.)

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