Insolence (A Black Butler Fanfic)

Insolence (A Black Butler Fanfic)

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Evangeline Rose Smith is a rude, stubborn, and tomboyish girl that Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis have agreed to take in and turn into a lady. However, as soon as 'Vangie' is welcomed into the Phantomhive manor, pranks, insults, and trouble ensue. Evangeline has no intention of changing herself to fit expectations, and Ciel has no intention of loosing to a four foot nine shrimp (even though he's really not much taller.)

But as Ciel Phantomhive and his famed butler get closer to winning, strange murders and occurances surrounding Miss Evangeline herself start to make them question her antics;

Who exactly is this Evangeline anyways? 

Why are certain people so interested in her?

And really...

Why all the insolence?!

(Second place winner in 2013 Kuroshitsuji watty awards in the Ciel category! Thanks guys!)

EDIT: Hi, Matti here. Just a little heads up, this story is super old and contains a lot of views I had when I was a LOT younger. Please understand that my views and opinions have changed quite a bit since I first started writing, as well as my abilities as an author. With that in mind, read on if you dare.

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_Ren_Mizuki_ _Ren_Mizuki_ Oct 23, 2017
P-P-P-PINK HAIR!!!!??? I died, quickly dies my hair black and white again before anyone sees......😶
_Ren_Mizuki_ _Ren_Mizuki_ Oct 23, 2017
How's Elizabeth cute....bleh, I'm waaaay better!!!*hair flip*
dreamscape_illusion dreamscape_illusion Oct 27, 2017
Never heard of such a word as innocence and if I had some it is long gone.
_Ren_Mizuki_ _Ren_Mizuki_ Oct 23, 2017
I smirked at this with gritted teeth......don't judge how I laugh....(I don't, I keep gritted teeth and just smile or smirk)
Drarryishot Drarryishot Jul 16, 2017
Doesn't Black Butler take place in the Victorian Era? Were there trains in the Victorian Era?
_Ren_Mizuki_ _Ren_Mizuki_ Oct 23, 2017
Just call me Fireman Sam so I can cool your burns every time I reck you😊