Naruto- Rise of the Snake Demon

Naruto- Rise of the Snake Demon

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Hey there, this is my second Naruto fanfic. 

Short Summary of the Story: Gaara, Kankuro, Temari and Saruki (My made-up Character) get assigned a mission to hunt down a so called Snake Demon, called Cleeo Takau, because she is threatening to destroy both the Hidden Leaf and the Hidden Sand Village, through a letter. What will happen? Will they save both villages? Or will The Hidden Sand and Leaf Village be no more?

Find out in: Naruto- Rise of the Snake Demon !!!

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xxxxZoeyxxxx xxxxZoeyxxxx Apr 06, 2011
Hmm not bad....what am i talking about i love this it is really really good :)
StoryWriter1139 StoryWriter1139 Mar 12, 2011
Can everyone who reads this please leave a comment, on wat they think of it. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE !!!