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The Dragon King

The Dragon King

354K Reads 32.3K Votes 43 Part Story
Leila Vy By RamenLady Completed

My grandma always told me to never go  near the water. Once they see me, there will be no returning. 

It was supposed to be an urban legend. Devious dragons whisking maidens away to their world beneath the water.

I have never believed her but then I started having dreams--hot and sinful dreams about a beautiful and seductive man. What I found most interesting was the ferocious dragon tattoo running up his chest and over his shoulder. 

In those dreams, I will wake up sweaty with need, skin burning with his touch, and yearning for more.

Still, I found it hard to believe her. There is always scientific explaining behind everything and dragons just aren't real...until it happened to me.

**i do not own the stock pictures used in the book cover. All rights reserved to it's owner**

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