Love In Twenty And Five

Love In Twenty And Five

77.6K Reads 5.5K Votes 25 Part Story
Lily Orevba By LeeleeKez Completed

Keeping a date with death might prove impossible for Mike Stacks when a nosy, hot doctor keeps getting in his way. 


After losing his only daughter to cancer a year ago, Mike Stacks is too devastated to go on with life. And so, he formulates a plan to kill himself on the exact same day his daughter died. 

But as the day draws near and his community service forces him to come in constant contact with the same doctor who failed at her job of saving his daughter's life, Mike soon finds that keeping a date with death is not as easy as it seems when that doctor seems determined to save his life. 


Follow this heartwarming, sweet love story of two people whose lives threaten to fall apart in twenty, and five days.

A/N: This book was literally written in 25days.