Badass Team

Badass Team

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Anonymous_LadyCx By Anonymous_LadyCx Updated Nov 11

The cliché story where the bad boy falls for goody two-shoes and changes for her? Nah, this would not be the one. 

This would be a story about a young gang leader and a badass girl trying their best not to rip each other's head off while helping each other to bring down an enemy, and there is that cliché part when attraction starts growing between them.

Sierra Black - the girl who has been different from the whole world her since she was seven years old. She watched her parents getting killed with her own eyes, and she couldn't do anything about it. Her whole life changed back then and everything she wanted to do was get revenge. She locked her heart and blocked emotions. Her soul was filled with hatred against the whole world.

I'm at Old Country Buffet right, so I read this part and laughed out loud, people looked at me like I'm crazy, it got quiet real quick
Black-night get it😂 because it's dark at night 😂😂 .. no? Ok. I'll shut up now..
xSawaaaa xSawaaaa May 14
Felicia is pronounced the same way as my cousin's name, Falisha
I barely even know any blondes Bc most of them have dirty blonde
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Dalilah511 Dalilah511 Jun 26
We hardly have blondes in my school we only have two and they're siblings from Russia