•You are my light•| Bakugo x Reader

•You are my light•| Bakugo x Reader

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•»🅐🅛🅘🅒🅘🅐«• By _alicia-chan_ Completed

(Y/N) is a girl with a quirk, that likes to surprise. She lives alone and wishes to become a hero. On her way there she somehow often gets in trouble, with her best friend Katsuki Bakugo by her side..., but what if one wants to be more than friends... 

For those, who haven't seen my profile, I'm actually german, so please don't mind some mistakes 😅thx 

(Y/N) = your name
(L/N) = last name 
(E/C) = eye colour 
(H/C) = hair colour 
(F/C) = favorite colour

I don't own any pictures I use, unless I say so or it's obvious. This story includes bad language, because...Bakugo...

This is a Boku no Hero academia fanfiction.

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