The reincarnated goddess

The reincarnated goddess

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I-WANNA-DIE By Killme_please_ Updated Oct 16, 2019

Harlee was just an average girl, she tried very hard to please her parents, her brothers were mean to her, she loved anime very much too. She even had a boyfriend name Zach, funny thing was she didn't know what love was so she pretended by reading books about romance.

She had no friends but she wasn't exactly lonely, she of course was bullied a lot, she had a sever case of depression, but her mother was too busy to deal with it.

Harlee had blond hair and blue eyes, of course she had acne and hated her looks. She was once going home on the bus when she noticed the bus was about run a kid over, she raced for the front of the bus and forcefully turned the bus, but luck was not on her side and she accidentally opened the doors and fell out of the bus, and the bus then crushed her.

Harlee then wished with all her might "I want to be reincarnated!" And then she fell asleep, or died as some would say.