Secrets (Emmett Cullen Twilight fanfic)

Secrets (Emmett Cullen Twilight fanfic)

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Nichole Swan, you could say she's quite and shy, you could say she's aloof and arrogant but if you ask the right people they would say she's afriad and broken. Nichole suffers in silence, keeping the biggest secret in a small town. Her father, the sheriff, abuses her to the point when she needs to cover her entire body in makeup to hide the bruses. But she tells no one because since she was ten this was how she lived. When the Cullens move to town Alice quickly befiends Nichole in attempt to fulfill the vision she saw before coming. Nichole, in her eyes was destined to fall in love with her brother, Emmett.

<<Hi so this is an Emmett love story. Rose will be with Edward :)

All rights and characters (with the exception of Nichole) are the creation of Stephanie Meyer)

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I'm not sure how I feel about charlie being a abuser he is one of my fav charcters But I can't judge cause I haven't read the book
LilLostSoul LilLostSoul Oct 01, 2017
Jim the not real character....YOU HAVE JUST BECAME MY BESTIE YOU SASS QIN
Lokis_Cat Lokis_Cat Sep 28, 2017
Charlie, you better start running and sleep with three eyes open. I promise you, you will not see tomorrow.
Holy shît he literally sounds like my best friend. I've been trying to convince him to get wattpad for agessss 😂
- - Nov 30, 2017
Omfg this what I would say and yeah I like this Jasper better
vamplover2005 vamplover2005 Nov 11, 2017
Are you kidding I am almost as shy as that like it is VERY scary