(R)Evolution ~ Book 2 (Watty Awards Round 2 Finalist)

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DippyD By DonnaSharples Completed
With humankind being enslaved and viewed as a lesser species by the alien invaders. Can a human alien hybrid free earth and its inhabitants? Will she be able to come to terms with what she is before it's too late?
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    Please note there are some scenes that children might find disturbing.
It's like that but the aliens are really your friends it's complicated
@DonnaSharples OMG OMG OMG I FOUND THE SECOND BOOK!!!! Please disregard a portion of my last comment... I'm So Sorry, I should've looked first xD Anyways, now that I'm here.. I'm off to enjoy another story of yours!! Awesome Work Donna!!!❤️ I Looove This Story, Thanks for keeping me amusedXoxoX
You're welcome. I actually read the first couple chaps of this before I realized it was book two. Then I started on book one.
@DonnaSharples No worries. It looks like you have enough here to keep me occupied for a bid :) Cheers!
Interesting premise. I love this sort of story, and you've caught my attention. I'm adding book one to my reading list.
... Carl should perhaps relax a bit O.o I mean come on, let the child breathe and chillax a bit? It wouldn't hurt at least... 
                                    LOLOL! I LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS! And aww. Reptiles <3