Dixons Daughter

Dixons Daughter

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x•Grace•x By GraceRiggs5 Updated Oct 11

A young girl who is taken from her father is soon reunited with him. She goes through deaths, gunshots, wars, and heartbreak. 

Carl Grimes is the boy of her dreams, love isn't something her father wants for her but he can't do anything about it. 

Lacey fights for her life everyday and she's pretty tough. It's not surprising since she's a Dixon..

*Currently editing!*

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camoAnime camoAnime Apr 20
*sighs* You know the rogues only survive...not a group, not two. just one...the rogue.
plaziee plaziee Apr 19
*freeze frame while killing walker, record scratch* Yep, that's me. I bet you're wondering how I got in this situation.
ChastityGentry ChastityGentry Dec 26, 2016
Well, this is probably gonna be one of those characters that are built up and we all love them, and then they die. Lol I hope not!!
Aussie_Otaku_15 Aussie_Otaku_15 Oct 17, 2016
You know what's weird my name is Sophia and my grandparents' names are Daryl and Carol
Daniel_DreamX Daniel_DreamX Dec 02, 2016
Oh it's Sophia 
                              What up Sophia 
                              How's being dead and all that?
Jackunspoke Jackunspoke Feb 07, 2016
Daryl... In this story was a good for nothin drunk... Ima keep readin