Secrets In Paradise (GirlxGirl)

Secrets In Paradise (GirlxGirl)

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Introvert Goddess By Spencer_Lorenzi Updated Aug 08


"A four letter word that everyone is bound to feel someday in their life. For me, those four letters could be spelt out as hell and it still wouldn't compare to how it made me feel. Why couldn't cupid shoot someone else instead of me? Why did his stupid arrow have to pierce my heart and wound it? Why did he curse me to love someone and why did that someone have to be her? If I could have one wish, I'll wish that I never met her, because maybe if I never met her, my life would have been different. Maybe, I would have been whole."

Brooklyn is a soccer playing, hardhead, out going girl who so happens to be bisexual as well. Coming out of the closet in 8th grade  she is now in her senior year without a care in the world. She has also be called a player; playing with people feelings and just moving on when she gets bored of their company. But where there are effects there is a cause to them. Brooklyn thinks she got her head screwed on right, only to find out, her world will be turned upside down when Emma comes to her school.

Emma, however, is quite the opposite. She only speaks when spoken to and when she does, she talk very little. All Emma wishes to do is complete her senior year without complicating her life with all the drama high school brings with it. If only Emma knew, going to this high school wasn't the best idea and just spelt out drama.

Will Emma get caught up in the webs of Brooklyn's wicked schemes or will Brooklyn finally realize that playing with people's heart will just bring her to her own path of destruction when her own heart is on the line.

Guess there's more secrets in paradise than anyone ever thought there were.


Started this book around: April 2014

Edited by: @shapeshiftinggoddess from the chapters: Honest and so on.

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HEDA_Camren HEDA_Camren Sep 11, 2017
What year is senior? Is it year 11,12,13 (I'm from England btw)
Y_E_E_T Y_E_E_T Jul 28, 2017
Who is that girl I see
                              Staring straight back at me?
                              When will my reflection show
                              Who I am inside?
killmesoftlypls killmesoftlypls Mar 21, 2015
Just very entertaining. I also play soccer, and I'm also loving this book so far. (:
Spencer_Lorenzi Spencer_Lorenzi Mar 21, 2015
@buckimiss ha not really but I get what you mean jaja, whenever I read a story with the name Spencer I can't help but to picture me for the longest time
killmesoftlypls killmesoftlypls Mar 21, 2015
is it weird that my name is brooklyn, I'm in the eighth grade currently. I'm also in a relationship with a girl. weirdddddd
Spencer_Lorenzi Spencer_Lorenzi Jun 22, 2014
@angelfromspace Jajaja na it's fine when I first came out as bisexual I got that all the time so the word doesn't faze me anymore but know that I think of it, it can seem stereotype