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the all boys (+1 girl) English boarding school

the all boys (+1 girl) English boarding school

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Like I'd tell YOU! By rockon96 Updated Mar 24, 2014

everything in sam miller's life is going wrong, then she wakes up to find herself on a plane on her way to an english boarding school in the country(Blackforest High), but there's one thing, all the other students are guys. she fits in and thankfully there are not B****y girls! but a lot of the guys seem to like her more than expected and she isn't quite sure what to do.
she makes friends with lots of boys the main ones being Tom, Jaden, Michael, Josh, James and Charlie

Im a band geek so i saw that and i was thinking sharp hello😂😂😂
InsufferableFaeMales InsufferableFaeMales Mar 28, 2016
How does a girl get sent to an all boys school like is that even possible? Do people not check?
Packwolf2004 Packwolf2004 Dec 19, 2016
I read it " then a voice sounded in our heads" and I'm like 
                              Ummm........ What
redlittledalek redlittledalek Jun 30, 2015
OMg I was like: this is so good, great plot, idea. Lemme just check the date of the earliest comment so I can see if the author updates on time, hmm, 2-2010... Holy cow... I swear I'm gonna cry on the last chapter as u won't be updating more. But anyways, good chapters :)
Dat-Country-Girl Dat-Country-Girl May 25, 2014
Omg great book! I have been looking for a book like this forevers
rockon96 rockon96 Sep 19, 2010
@Popstargriffin  all the same thank you very much!!!!
                              glad you liked it!