The Son Of Chaos: Percy Jackson FanFiction

The Son Of Chaos: Percy Jackson FanFiction

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A Percy Jackson Chaos Fan fiction.

Percy Jackson returns home to his loving family to find betrayal.

With no reason to stay in Camp Half-Hell, he leaves forever... Or so he thinks.

Percy finds out a shocking truth about his life. But can one little 8 year old help Percy go back to the way he used to be?

tamu19 tamu19 Jul 26
Me and Percy are second since we're both adopted kids of Chaos
tamu19 tamu19 Jul 26
Ok so I'm a daughter of Athena legacy of Poseidon adopted daughter of Chaos so this is gonna be awesome
OOOooooh Damn Persassy! 
                              You ain't fûcking around anymore.
Bi_Fandomer Bi_Fandomer Jan 03
                              Boom 🌋Best explanation ever.
Omega? Well I DEFINITELY haven't heard that one before! (I'm trying to layer on as much sarcasm as possible without being rude... well at least not to rude)
Ginny_Potter98 Ginny_Potter98 May 22, 2016
I love the glitter nickname! It's something else than Beauty!