The Son Of Chaos: Percy Jackson FanFiction

The Son Of Chaos: Percy Jackson FanFiction

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A Percy Jackson Chaos Fan fiction.

Percy Jackson returns home to his loving family to find betrayal.

With no reason to stay in Camp Half-Hell, he leaves forever... Or so he thinks.

Percy finds out a shocking truth about his life. But can one little 8 year old help Percy go back to the way he used to be?

nice I guess but I suggest not making things so sudden. like don't just make Poseidon disown percy. make him get blamed for something and then get disowned or something like that.. just a tip I don't mean to be offensive if i was.
Come on bro. You can do better. Be smart for once in your life
i think people when they do a chaos story is that annabeth dies and percy runs away in grief.
Bgucdfvgh Bgucdfvgh Aug 08
We all don't, if we did, we wouldn't be such trolls like SOMEONE *couch cough Rick Troll Riordan cough cough*
jaidentony jaidentony Jul 25
Percy: YOLO BITČHÈS.‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😎
izzyk151 izzyk151 Dec 15, 2015
The first chapter is really good.  Bit cliche but its still very good. Than again making a non-caliche beginning is really hard. Il keep reading the rest of the story.