The Disciple's Third Eye's Sixth Sense

The Disciple's Third Eye's Sixth Sense

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๑๑DREAMerTortoise๑๑ By Kurokoki Updated Dec 02, 2018

As a normal Uni student, Jamie excels in his studies. He'd burrow under books upon books just to satisfy his insatiable thirst for the knowledge laid out in Man's finest creation. In short he is, and will be, forever a bookworm.

But as an upstanding individual in the 21st Century society, Jamie will pave his path to success. His ultimatum is to have an occupation closely related to his beloved hobby: reading.

However, before any of his grand plans could take any action he found himself in a very precarious position.

"Your name sucks! From now on you'll be called Li XiuJing! Pretty awesome, huh," The shadowed figure towered over him, the sun creating a perfect halo effect, "from now on call me Master! It's about time I get a disciple to help out at the Library,"

... Was his predicament really that bad?

[Disclaimer: Everything in this book is fictional, anything that appears real is coincidental. History facts may not be researched nor are they to be taken as the absolute truth.]

[WARNING: This storyline contains BL; Boy Love, if you are against it, please do not read it]

[WARNING: Mature due to strong language, hopefully a tad gory and minimal hope for... *those* activities]

[Slice of Life, Supernatural, Mystery, BL, Romance, Rivalry, 1v1, Original]


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