Lucky Little Me (New just my luck book 2)

Lucky Little Me (New just my luck book 2)

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FallenStars98 By FallenStars98 Updated Jul 26

"What are you saying?" He asked his voice getting sharp as he spoke. I could see the anger and fear in his eyes, he was afraid of loosing me. If only he knew that it wasn't possible for me to leave him.

   "I'm saying I think we need a break, to figure this out for a second."

   "Amara no-"

    "I'm not leaving you Grey!" I shout over him as i take a step forward. "I love you with everything i have in me, but you need time to figure things out."

   "I don't want to figure things out without you!" He shouted back throwing his arms up. I could tell he was about to break but I was past my breaking point. Tears were welling in my eyes and I was in pain.

   I knew what I needed to do, in order for me to heal is he needed time away from me and I was the one who was going to have to do the right thing. I was going to have to push the break.