Tall, Dark, & Venomous

Tall, Dark, & Venomous

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TehmeenaArshad By TehmeenaArshad Updated Mar 13, 2011

Mayuri Celeste is the Demon Destroyer. She's in her early twenties on the task of defeating, killing and getting rid of every last Demon [the Carvers] off of this earth. She befriends Kalel Shadows as time evolves. Kalel is a Vampire, and friend of Mayuri and she's is going through grief after losing the love of her life. Kalel's age is unknown, though, he looks to be in his mid twenties and older. Both become very close friends, but at the same time they keep some particular aspects about their past a secret.

One day, she meets a deadly gorgeous man whom she unintentionally starts to fall in love with. But she hates the hell out of him, as he does her.

This story is about war, love/romance and the Undead. The darkness and light clash and collide like nothing before, love and hate are equally matched, but will she be able to overcome her hidden fears?

Will Kalel be able to tell her his secret that he has kept from her?

Will she accept her love for Lucas or her hate for him?

Will Kalel accept the new developings?

The Fate of the world rests in her hands ... how would she cope?

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