room 69  {ziam}

room 69 {ziam}

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eddie By larrywho Completed

"room 69? really zayn?"

"what! that's all they had left for the rooms,"

"whatever, just, just try not to do anything you know...sexual, okay? if you get what i'm saying,"

"is that a dare, mr. payne?"

"yes zayn, i dare you not to do anything sexual while we're stuck in this room. room 69."


or; a short story where liam is a teasing little shit to zayn while they're stuck in room 69—out of all rooms in the world.

7/12/14: Fanfiction #865

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namshitface namshitface May 02
I NEED A BIOLOGIST WHAT IS BREATHING (respiration idk wtf that is)
namshitface namshitface May 02
Payno The Penis
                              Payno The Pussy (Cat)
                              (tf iS WRONG WITH ME)
ziamzouis ziamzouis Aug 30, 2017
When you're top!liam af but you gonna keep reading cuz you too interested
ewboys ewboys Nov 21, 2014
i want to vote for this but it has 69 votes and i can't ruin that
beejholmes beejholmes May 27, 2014
Damn this sounds hot i can't wait for you to write more xx Liam teasing = sexiest sh*t ever Luv ya Xxx
KingCommenter KingCommenter May 26, 2014
Lord what have I just discover on my new feed 0.0 can't wait to read this!.