Kidnapped and loved (Niam/Narry/Nouis/Ziall)

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~(^_^)~ :3 By fatsadtaco Completed
Meet Niall Horan, a teen sensation just trying to look for the "right one" but one day, he gets kidnapped. Plot twist: His kidnappers fall in love with him. Who is the "right one" between his four sweet kidnappers? What happens to Niall when he is kidnapped and loved?
Actually it's an introduction so it doesn't matter they are introducing niall it's the same as saying "I'm niall"
Omfg me too!! I felt so bad, but I guess I'm not the only one! Yay ^.^
WOW!! I'm so excited to read this 'cause I ship Niall to everyone in 1D ^_^
I'm just gonna let you know that Hi! I'm Niall... Just brought your story down a few notches. We'll see if you get back up :)
This is an amazing book. I recommend reading it, i has a bit of any but you can always skip those chapters.
This story already rocks my polka dot socks lol,...uh can anyone help me I'm extremely new here so I tried to write a story and I don't knw how to start a new chapter