Twilight Wolf Pack Imagines

Twilight Wolf Pack Imagines

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Taxi Cabbie By TaxiCabbie Updated Jun 23

I'm taking requests. I need requests before i can start writing. Please message me them, please don't comment them. It's a hassle to read all the comments.

I need:

Who you want.

Your name.

Romantic or whatever.

What you want to happen.

The faster i get a request the quicker i can write these...

                              Danyssa (use my profile picture for my look)
                              Surprise me
I got into a fight with my mother so I want into the wood I was shaking and I shifted into a werewolf for the frist time and Sam  and his pack found me
quadzzz quadzzz Nov 07
Me and Seth come home from a romantic dinner he has the house all set up leads me to our room and we make love
I keep a secret from Embry and he finds out I'm a shape shifter and my wolf is made out of fire and I think he will get mad but he doesn't but Sam wants to use me for power so does the volturi
                              I've been a lone werewolf for a while because I didn't want to be in the pack after my parents died, Sam Uley is my cousin, and he wants me to join the pack so they surround me as wolves, Paul tries to attack me, but Jacob fights him off for me
immortaltrashh immortaltrashh Jul 13, 2014
You seem to not be getting many requests, so.. Just to give you a little something To do, could you make me a Paul Lahote one?