Fairy Tail: The Mystic Melanite Stone

Fairy Tail: The Mystic Melanite Stone

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Kiara~! By cutesugarpie Completed

Hi everyone this is going to be my first book sorry if I have bad grammar or bad spelling hope you like it!!!  

So this is what my story will be about:  Lucy, Wendy, and Carla go on a job to find and destroy a stone called, Mystic Melanite it is a dark stone (on the island glowing stone) what very little people now about the stone is that it  has the power to release one of Zeref's monsters, Sitrina but what they don't know is that the only way it can be destroyed is if Lucy makes a sacrifice of her life.   

After Lucy, Wendy, and Carla don't return after a week the others get worried and go looking for them on the island, only to find a note on a tree that reads..............  

Hope you enjoy my book!!! I will make my first chapter as soon as possible!!!

  • adventure
  • fairytail
  • fighting
  • friendship
  • sacrifice
Hmm I already got it through the story don't include Mira saying so I thought you might want my opinion.:)
I love ❤️ this i feel so damn late for reading this book but still good job 👏
Oh no this story already interest me and I want to read any books that interest me!!!
InfiniteMiste InfiniteMiste May 01, 2016
(That cover picture is really pretty. Can you link it or send it to me somehow :o?)
_DirtyTrash_ _DirtyTrash_ Aug 10, 2016
*Mira explains Just thought I would put that out there for anyone who got confused.
Yummbunn Yummbunn Apr 01, 2016
Isn't Wendy a sky dragon slayer? And Happy and Carly use aroe magic it's different. I spelt it wrong but you get the point right?