Sexual fustration

Sexual fustration

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Mrs.Salvatore By MichelleSwanCullen Completed

I blushed as I looked at myself in the full mirror. I was just changing into my pajamas, when my reflection caught my eye. So here I was, in my bra and panties, wishing I had a body like Rosalie, or even Alice.

I don't know what Edward saw in me. I was just plain old Bella. But to him, I was the world.

I examined my breast. They were small. Just barely a B cup. I had tried about every push up bra in Forks, and none I had done me justice. There was nothing sexy about my body. I had plain brown hair, a flat butt, no breast, and I was as pail as could be. I sighed one more time before grabbing my clothes, and toiletries.

'Better finish changing before Edward gets here,' I thought to myself.

I walked into my shared bathroom and began to wash my face, and brush my teeth. I didn't want Edward to find anymore reasons to be disgusted with me. He claimed he loved exactly the way I was, and I didn't need to go through all the extremes of brushing my teeth after every meal, or putting on make...

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Cutiepie712 Cutiepie712 Dec 22, 2014
maybe because it is teaching me how to speak up and tell people how I feel cuz they can't read my mind
Cutiepie712 Cutiepie712 Dec 22, 2014
i don't know if there's  wrong with me or wat cuz I'm liking this story
Cutiepie712 Cutiepie712 Dec 22, 2014
u should put the rating rated R cuzz this ain't for no 13 year olds