Command My Heart ~ Book 2 - The Royal Blood Collection

Command My Heart ~ Book 2 - The Royal Blood Collection

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Book 2 - The Royal Blood Collection

Captain Oliver Beaumont thinks that the woman before him is nothing more than a pretty distraction. A moment of warmth in the cold north of province four. He soon learns that Nisha Eldon is not what he expected her to be. Faced with a headstrong woman that has a large wall around herself, Oliver struggles to break through. 

Nisha is not interested in fraternizing with the womanizing, smart mouthed man. She's seen his type before and she knows that he is just a one way path to either a one night stand or a broken heart. She doesn't want either of them, she was raised to serve her country, not bed every man in sight.

When everything falls down around him, Oliver does the only thing that seems logical, he tries to make things right again. In doing so, he learns of a hidden threat against Nisha and her family. She might be well guarded but that means nothing when the threat is determined to bring them down.

She didn't want to depend on any man but Nisha may not get a choice. Can Oliver live up to what is expected of him after years of training or will he fail because of his past?

**Book 2 in the series. It is strongly recommended that you read the book ~ Crimson Flame first.**

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