Just My Cat and I Tonight

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Claire Brooks is twenty-four and working as a columnist in a major newspaper. Claire always thought that romance best to be left to books. But when she is invited to go to London along with a team of other employees from the newspapper, she will soon discover that when it comes to romance it's no fairytale.
You basically just explained my life, in one sentence.
                                    That being the title.
I love the way  you described Claire's day with every detail, I wouldn't have placed so many 'I' but really loved the beginning :) Job Well Done x
Really cute cover! And the title is definitely eye-catching - it made me click on your story from the Home Page. I suggest fixing the story description a bit: it should be "employees" ('s is for possessive nouns) and "newspapers" (you have an extra 'p').
This story was on the 'recommended' column on the right side of my page and I'm kind of glad I clicked it, because I liked the story!!
                                    Keep writing! :D
Hahahaha, love the title, can't wait to see how the story develops!
Yes, finally, you've had me waiting for this for months!!
                                    Can't wait for your next upload!!! :D