Love And Regret (a Mindless Behavior Love Story)

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SenecaGray By SenecaGray_ Updated 3 years ago
Nicole Gates, a local school student is bullied all her life from just four boys. It's affected her life in many ways, but she( Surprisingly) has one little crush on one of her bullies, Chresanto August. She regrets liking him, but she doesn't know that he has some feelings for her too. 
    Nicole then enters an audition for fame, to tell the world that she isn't afraid o stand up against bullying. But will her 'love' get in her way?
Really ratchet girl and ratchet girl rabies rabies or whatever smh ok
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That was funny "aye eat this shit and stop knocking on our door" that had me trippin the fuck out KMSLL!!!!!!!!
I need to see a pic of Nicole even tho I'm straight and a girl. I still need to see what Nicole,Dianna,and Tyler looks like
Tyler must be a little cutie :) lmao i mean he sounds cute lol
I would've been the best friend Nicole would've needed. And i promise you all those people bullying Nicole, they ass woulda been beat long time ago. Trust and believe