The Legend of the Moonflower Princess

The Legend of the Moonflower Princess

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jgrace2197 By jgrace2197 Updated Sep 09

After beings of another world kidnap her brother for a mad sorcerer's schemes, the disfigured ward of Dasos will be sent on the adventure of her life...

Sahara is the ward of the royal family of Dasos. Despite her kind nature, barely anyone in the kingdom seems to be able to tolerate her presence. This isn't news to her; her mysterious origins and a horrid facial scar lend themselves perfectly to false tales of witchcraft and demonry. She longs for a more fulfilling life, a freedom that she has quietly yearned for, but the deaths of her grandmother and the monarchs of Dasos only serve to cement her status as the 'poor witching girl' of the kingdom. There seems to be nothing she can do to change her fate of living a life devoid of friendship, love, and acceptance. 

However, her entire life changes in one crucial moment. 

In the dead of night, shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman kidnap the crown prince of Dasos, the young Nashoba. Sahara is the only witness to his disappearance, and the only one who sees what horrors await the boy she considers her little brother if nothing is done. In a momentousness decision, she decides to follow her brother's abductors, stepping into a spectacular world where danger lies behind every shadow. To save Nashoba from a horrendous fate, Sahara  must locate a mysterious legend before time runs out, or she herself succumbs to a bloody death. 

Her journey will not be easy in the slightest. 

With the help of a sexy, guarded swordsman, a snarky little dragon, and a host of other allies, Sahara embarks on an epic quest to return her brother home. She must overcome her own insecurities, and trust in herself and others, in order to successfully brave this enchanting new world. And, perhaps, she will discover more about herself than she thought she knew...

*Third Place in The Blue Rose Awards: Unknown Stories*
*Third Place in The Blue Rose Awards: Unknown Author*

*cover credit goes out to the fantastic TheTigerWriter*

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