Innocence (BoyxBoy)

Innocence (BoyxBoy)

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Scarlet Fox By RainbowKitsune7 Completed

[Sequel to Death Waltz] The stress is killing everyone. Death has locked himself away, the normally-cheerful imp now has nightmares, and Anubis, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, can't take it anymore. The imp he has cared for for so long is slowly losing his mind, and the only way to make him better is to return his friend, an angel taken by Fate itself, to the imp's side.

In theory, it sounds easy. But, as Anubis and Talmai soon find out, it is anything but.

WARNING: Contains explicit content

  • boyxboy
  • demons
  • gay
  • gods
  • lgbt
SharaGRE SharaGRE Jun 05, 2016
Awww I suspected Anubis was in love with Talmai and now I think I he really is
SoulPhenomenon SoulPhenomenon Apr 16, 2015
I knew it!!
                              My baby Talmai can have a nice caring lover c':
                              Hopefully, everything turns out okay
DreamlessAshes DreamlessAshes Jan 02, 2015
You mean scented? Because if it's flavoured, please tell me it's edible. I want it.
WildXbutXCute WildXbutXCute Jun 01, 2014
Ah! Pili!! That's the absolute cutest name EVER!!!!!!! Talmai does need a friend that's more like him. Kinda worried about his conditions though. Hope he gets better and maybe gets his own story???? XD
- - May 26, 2014
Yay ... Is this a love story between Anubis and the Imp ( I can't remember his name )
PaigeNight PaigeNight May 26, 2014
Is it  possible that a stone faced god could love such fragile and lovable  creature as an imp? Team Tnubis??