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I'm the Villainess, So What?

I'm the Villainess, So What?

57.9K Reads 2.9K Votes 37 Part Story
Chieko Urimeshi By GoddessOfBlack89 Completed

Rank #1 in sliceoflife= February 14 2019
Rank #2 in sliceoflife= January 30 2019
Rank#2 in capturetarget=  January 24 2019
Rank#3 in Villainess= January 24 2019
Rank#4 in cannonfodder= January 24 2019 
Rank #14 in sliceoflife= January 23 2019
Rank #72 in school= January 11 2019
Rank #9 in otomegame = December 29 2018

A twist of fate had lead our facial paralysis author into transmigration process as the Villainess.

Struggling to maintain a cool and uncaring reputation while fighting to keep her life and not be killed by the Captured Targets, she landed herself on a tough situation.

"Dear Heroine, I am your enemy in the other life not your best friend!"

"Dear brother, the woman you fancied saw me as a friend, stop glaring already!"

"Crown Prince, why did you arrive in such a conclusion!? I am not lesbian!"

"All of you! If you don't scram, I'll be handing out red warnings!"

"Dear Mother and Father, are you really my parents? Why are you giving my hand in marriage to a stranger I have never meet! He loves someone else! I'm not a third wheel!"

"You, Second Prince, you're a playboy right? You will help me solve my problems"

"Villain sama, I am not marrying you and that's final! Go away!"

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